Student Stories: A look back at my time at Stevens and look ahead to the future


Senior day-BOBNicole Serino (1) By Nicole Serino

I can’t believe I’m counting down to my final semester at Stevens. It feels like just yesterday that I was beginning to look at life after high school and I was unsure what college would be a good fit for me. Big school? Small school?  In the end, I was accepted into the Howe School of Technology

Management at Stevens Institute of Technology. All I can say is that it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

My experience has been fun, challenging and rewarding. I am currently majoring in Business & Technology with a concentration in marketing. I was fortunate enough to hold two summer internships in the New York City area because of the superb career resource center here at Stevens.  My most recent internship with UBS this past summer led to a full-time job offer in early September. Not having to worry about searching for job after graduation was a load off my back.


Now, with just one semester left, I am busy with a project that is required for all seniors: the Business Consulting Project, which provides us with consulting experience in a field that we choose. I chose to market an app called ResuceMe Message, a Morse Code-based program that helps locate victims in earthquake disasters.

Overall, the environment at Stevens has definitely been a challenging one. But I learned early in my college career to balance my academics with my social life because I recognized that the ability to balance both would benefit me in the future.

During my time here I’ve made a ton of lifelong friends through numerous on-campus activities such as sports and Greek life. This past fall I was Captain of the nationally-ranked Women’s Soccer team and President of our business leadership club, Phi Beta Lambda. And Hoboken, a great college town that’s both urban and small town at the same time, has provided endless community service programs off-campus.Through it all I realize Stevens turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

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