Social Media Can Help Networking and Job Opportunities

Social Media Can Help Networking and Job Opportunities

By Sarah Sheikh, Junior

Business and Technology Major; Finance Minor

As a business major with concentrations in finance and information technology, I have taken courses in a plethora of different areas throughout my three years in the Howe school. But one class in particular, Social Networking taught by Professor Jeffery Nickerson, allowed me to speak on a panel discussion recently about Social Media & Networks.

Following the overhanging idea of social media and its role in social networks, the two outlets have truly have played an integral role in my success here at Stevens. I would like to begin with my experience with the career center as discussed heavily in the panel.

I used Castle Point Careers – a school run portal that allows students to apply to various internships that the career center finds, posts openings for, and arranges on campus interviews for as well – to find all of my potential internship opportunities. My job search spanned from late September to early January, and over this duration of time, I applied for about thirty different internship opportunities, ranging from Goldman Sachs to The Federal Reserve.

The sheer volume of postings available for students of all majors is incredible. Even within majors, students have such a broad range of jobs to apply for that could fit any interest level. I applied for jobs in investment banking and information technology, two totally different fields. Every week new job openings are added, especially around “job hunting season” which typically begins around early fall and goes into the New Year. Once my applications and resumes were sent in, I began hearing back from various corporations for interviews, many of which turned into second round interviews and subsequently a summer internship offer. I ultimately chose to accept a job with UBS in investment banking in their Wealth Management division for the summer of 2013.

While I did accept an offer with a single company the process allowed me to network with an extensive number of professionals and build up my contact base. I learned how to communicate with professionals from many walks of life, as well as a lot about different companies and industries within business that I could potentially work in at some point in the future. Social networking has been crucial to the creation of my now strong sphere of both colleagues and professionals that I can go to if I need help or advice about anything, job related or personal.

Stevens takes the initiative to help all students find internships and co-ops and ultimately graduate with a full time job, because when we are taking our final walk as students, about to accept our diplomas, that is what we all come to school for. Their diligence and wide range of connections makes it simple to find employers that want to interview students who are getting a Stevens education – one that is “up to date” with the types of courses offered, as well as so heavily focused on technology and innovation. This technology connection in every major makes students more appealing to companies because their operations feed off these underlying systems we are expected to learn about and having dealt with any form of technology makes Stevens students better able to absorb new information upon entrance into the work force.

In addition to the career center, myself and my colleagues discussed the opportunities students have to create their own class structure, and how creating networks with friends and using social media makes the learning process easier. I think that something a lot of students are worried about coming into the school is the presence of the computer science, coding and math in the overall curriculum of every major. My experience has been that the amount of time you as a student would spend in these areas is truly up to you. The curriculum is what you make of it and we have a lot of room within our majors to choose the path that we want to take. Myself, I knew that I wanted to focus more on the business side of the Business & Technology program as opposed to technology, and I pursued that, ultimately and attaining a job in the field that I wanted. Though I did take fundamental required computer science courses and information technology courses over the past three years, I did not make them my ultimate focus. With any courses that I was having trouble with, I often times found myself looking to my classmates over various forms of social media for study tips and to coordinate group meetings.

When coming to a school where technology is such a heavily integrated asset, one must be prepared to keep up with the ever-increasing opportunities thrown at us on a daily basis. As an accepted student, you should keep your eyes open for campus emails about on and off campus events, job postings and be sure to stop by the career center to check out the wealth of opportunities you have available, and start early! It makes the process that much easier when the application process begins. I wish you all luck here at Stevens and check back in for further updates!




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