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An E.C.O.E.S. Summer: A counselor experience


My name is Brandon Griffin and I am a sophomore in the business and technology program here at Stevens Institute. Over the summer I was a counselor for the E.C.O.E.S. program (Exploring Career Options in Engineering and Science). This is an academic summer camp for students who are rising juniors and seniors. The students go through various classes and labs to get a better understanding of the different majors we offer and to help them determine which major is right for them.  We offer sessions in engineering, multimedia, computer science, and business.

For the business sessions the students attended several modules that dealt with topics such as international business, information systems, accounting, quantitative finance, and social media. In addition to attending these modules, the students were required to do a group power point presentation about what they had learned in class. They had to relate this information to one of the business movies they saw throughout the week.

The students also went on a site visit during their stay. This year there were two site visits; one to the New York Stock Exchange and the other to the Federal Reserve. While at the stock exchange, students toured the trading floor with James M. Smith. He is the Vice President of Morgan Stanley. He gave them a tour of the building and some brief background information about himself and the stock exchange. On the Federal Reserve site visit, the Vice President of the Federal Reserve sat down with the students to discuss what his job entails, and what the they do at the Federal Reserve. The students were then taken on a tour of the gold vaults and they were able to hold a bar of gold valued at six hundred and ten thousand dollars! Overall, the students loved both trips, and were able to learn a lot in the process.

The week was also packed with extra fun for the students such as a Stevens’ scavenger hunt, dodgeball tournament, dinner dance cruise around Manhattan, and a trip into New York City to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and South Street Seaport.  The session ended with an awards ceremony to honor the student’s hard work.  Overall, the students enjoyed the sessions and the program was a complete success.  I really enjoyed being a part of this successful program and met a lot of prospective Stevens students.

A special “thank you” to Brandon for sharing his experience at ECOES this summer!

If you are interested in learning more about the ECOES program and want to get involved next summer follow the link below:



Spending Senior Year with MTV


Blog post provided by Ann DeStefano ’12
Photos provided by Pavel Tamarin ’12 

Senior year of college can be stressful enough with finishing up your degree requirements. However for my Senior Design group this has been the best part of senior year as we our working over the course of two semesters with Viacom Networks, owner of MTV.

The MTV Senior Design group heading to Viacom headquarters NYC

Comprised of myself and classmates Joelle Rusin, Eric Yando, Anthony Roden, Haley Bayer, Sarah Byrne and Pavel Tamarin, the group is tackling the issue of interactive television engagement. Our client, Joe Lalley a Vice President at Viacom Networks, is  looking to integrate nearly 15 different Viacom networks including that of MTV, Comedy Central and Spike into one app for tablets and smartphones to engage users with live television events.

All seniors within the B&T program, are to complete a 2-semester long Business Consulting in Design curriculum where student groups pair up with an external client to address strategic business problems. The newly revamped curriculum offers more personalized attention and time with the professor as well as opportunities for feedback. Fellow group member and senior Joelle Rusin ’12 found these changes to be of great benefit.

“We are able to learn from each others’ projects and take a deeper dive into our own projects and concerns during our one-on-one meetings.”

So far the group has spent the semester researching what competitor networks like ESPN, ABC and NBC do to engage audiences mainly through applications and social media like Twitter. Some prototypes of possible applications have been created with features like roll overs, polls, interactive hosts and more. One idea the group had was to be able to watch the MTV VMA’s on your iPad using the application with a virtual host. This host would guide your way through the show. Also the user will have the ability to roll over celebrity outfits and see what designers they are wearing. Another feature could be switching your camera angles to see where different celebrities are sitting in the audience so, as a viewer, you could watch an awards show from multiple camera views.

Joelle notes, that this particular senior design project was a great opportunity, as the media industry is different than the internships many of us have previously held.

Getting ready for a presentation at MTV

“The opportunity to work in a different industry has perks as well. I never would have considered the possibilites of working outside the world of financial services without this first-hand experience. I think the opportunities within the new Senior Design structure are vast and students can really benefit from it.”

The business implications of our project could be very vast as well. This possible multi-brand application could increase viewership and potentially advertising revenues for MTV.

“Helping to increase MTV’s live viewership is extremely rewarding, especially when we see a large company like MTV executing our ideas,” Joelle adds.

Another interesting perk is that since we are working with Viacom, owner of Comedy Central, the group was able to go to a taping of “The Daily Show” with our client.

Not a bad way to spend senior year at Stevens!

A Morning at the NYSE with Mark Cuban!


Photos and blog post provided by Ann DeStefano, Business & Technology ’12

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend an event hosted by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and mtvU about inspiring young entrepreneurs to create their own futures. The event was based on the annual “Movers and Changers” contest which awards $25,000 in seed money to a winning, college oriented, idea. Being able to go was as simple as applying via e-mail to mtvU where my two friends and I were awarded front row seats to a panel featuring Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur, Alexandra Wilkis Wilkinson, founder of Gilt Groupe and Charlie Chanaratsopon, CEO of Charming Charlie.

Mark Cuban at the NYSE Panel

The event was moderated by CNBC’s Bill Griffith who I was able to snag a photo with afterwards! The event started out with a panel discussion where the rather infamous Mark Cuban discussed a fear of failure not even being an option in business. Interestingly enough, Cuban told of his first real failed idea which involved an evaporated milk business. Wilkinson told her story of starting the now famous Gilt Groupe and the challenges of building a business from the ground up. The Charming Charlie business is becoming a fast growing franchise expanding overseas centered around a one-stop shop retail presence.

The two groups of finalists hailed from UPenn – Wharton and Howard University. Coincidentally, I ended up sitting next to the winning group’s (UPenn) mother and brother. The idea, ‘SkillHub’ is an online platform for college students (and any groupof people in general) to share skills and talents through an online community.

Check out the video from the event streamed online as well as commentary from Mark Cuban and others!


Blog post and photos provided by Samantha Gates, Business & Technology ’14

To give a little background, I am from Wilmington, North Carolina- a beachy, southern area. I had never been to NYC, or anywhere northeast before visiting Stevens. For majority of my life I swore I would go to University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) just like my mom and dad, who have taken me to football and basketball games since I was 3 months old.

Sunrise over the Hudson River - one of the many views at Stevens.

So how did I end up at Stevens?

As I got older I really got in to playing volleyball and decided I would want to play in college. As my recruiting process started, I still swore I wouldn’t go north of Virginia, west of Tennessee, and south of Georgia. I was staying down South where I could always get sweet tea. Randomly, NJIT sent letters to myself and a couple of girls on my team so my mom asked a lady she knew about the school. The lady is actually a Stevens alum and suggested I look into Stevens rather than NJIT because of the location and education.

After a few phone calls and a trip to NYC, I was set. Everything I always stood by and imagined for myself completely changed. However, this decision became the best I could ever make.  Being on the volleyball time, I have truly made friends for a lifetime.

Also being on the volleyball team I became a part of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) which has representatives from each varsity team to make decisions on NCAA rulings as well as to meet with and have a good relationship with the Athletic Department to make things better for athletes.

I also decided to join a sorority (another thing I thought I’d ever do) to make more girlfriends. However it’s been more than just making friends, it helps me get more involved around the school and even gives opportunity for community service as well as more sources for help when it comes to school and jobs.

Being over 500 miles away from home was definitely a hard adjustment at first, especially with no family or friend connections and I only met a few girls on the team on my recruit visit. Luckily it didn’t take long to start passing familiar faces and for professors to say “hi” outside of the classroom. Plus, it’s always surreal to look across the water and realize one of the biggest cities in the world is so close. Especially when your professors tell you all of their connections to businesses in the city and their start-ups.

I know I want to concentrate in Finance and am currently, really enjoying accounting. This summer I hope to get my first internship and I know Stevens has the resources to make it possible.

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