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An E.C.O.E.S. Summer: A counselor experience


My name is Brandon Griffin and I am a sophomore in the business and technology program here at Stevens Institute. Over the summer I was a counselor for the E.C.O.E.S. program (Exploring Career Options in Engineering and Science). This is an academic summer camp for students who are rising juniors and seniors. The students go through various classes and labs to get a better understanding of the different majors we offer and to help them determine which major is right for them.  We offer sessions in engineering, multimedia, computer science, and business.

For the business sessions the students attended several modules that dealt with topics such as international business, information systems, accounting, quantitative finance, and social media. In addition to attending these modules, the students were required to do a group power point presentation about what they had learned in class. They had to relate this information to one of the business movies they saw throughout the week.

The students also went on a site visit during their stay. This year there were two site visits; one to the New York Stock Exchange and the other to the Federal Reserve. While at the stock exchange, students toured the trading floor with James M. Smith. He is the Vice President of Morgan Stanley. He gave them a tour of the building and some brief background information about himself and the stock exchange. On the Federal Reserve site visit, the Vice President of the Federal Reserve sat down with the students to discuss what his job entails, and what the they do at the Federal Reserve. The students were then taken on a tour of the gold vaults and they were able to hold a bar of gold valued at six hundred and ten thousand dollars! Overall, the students loved both trips, and were able to learn a lot in the process.

The week was also packed with extra fun for the students such as a Stevens’ scavenger hunt, dodgeball tournament, dinner dance cruise around Manhattan, and a trip into New York City to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and South Street Seaport.  The session ended with an awards ceremony to honor the student’s hard work.  Overall, the students enjoyed the sessions and the program was a complete success.  I really enjoyed being a part of this successful program and met a lot of prospective Stevens students.

A special “thank you” to Brandon for sharing his experience at ECOES this summer!

If you are interested in learning more about the ECOES program and want to get involved next summer follow the link below: